Basic Bulldog Information and Care

Bulldogs are one of the most recognized and popular dog breeds in the world. Plus, these cute little guys are hard to not to fall in love with when you see one in the pet store window. But, before you buy yourself one, its important you learn the basics information about these dogs.

Size- They should range in size form 50-55lbs in females and 55-60lbs in males. Although given the bulldog love for food and sleep it is not uncommon to see bulldogs reach 80lbs+. Obviously, this is very detrimental to their health, so properly feed and exercise your pet.

Shedding- I had always owned dogs that did not shed growing up, so I was nervous about owning a dog that did shed. You will defiantly find little bulldog hairs on your stuff, but it really isn’t too bad. I only notice it on black fabrics, so just be prepared to own and use a lint roller and vacuum. If you are allergic to dogs, then you may have a reaction to bulldogs, so use caution if you are considering one. However, in my experience bulldogs don’t seem to have a dramatic effect on allergy suffers.

Housing requirements: A bulldog does not require a large home or backyard. They can be kept in a apartment setting, as long as French bulldog for sale in usa they can be taken outside to use the restroom and exercise several times a day.

Exercise requirement: Bulldogs are not high energy breeds, but a daily 20 minute walk (remember not to walk these dogs in hot weather) is recommended to keep them in shape and happy. Also, mine loves a few minutes of indoor fetch everyday.

Heath Concerns: Bulldogs are prone to skin allergies and infections. Also, given their anatomy and heavy build some can have arthritis and joint problems. Also, in warm environments they are prone to over-heating, this is a common cause of death for some bulldogs. Bulldogs are a very unique breed, and finding a veterinarian with bulldog experience is always a good idea.

Maintenance- Cleaning of face wrinkles is essential for keeping yeast infections away. Also, walks and proper diet can greatly reduced other health problems in bulldogs.

Personality- Bulldogs make very good companion dogs, they are far removed from their days of bull fighting. They are good family dogs, even with small children. In my experience they simply love their owners, strangers, and other dogs. I have never had any problems with an aggressive bulldog toward people. Of course proper socialization and training is important with any dog, but the bulldog is NOT an innately “mean” dog by any means. Don’t let their intimidating appearance scare you off, at the end of the day they are gentle giants.

Training- Will never win a trick contest, not because they aren’t smart or difficult, they just prefer to sleep instead of jumping through hoops. Teaching basic obedience is very attainable, but an owner must be consistent as with any other dog. Bulldogs can be stubborn, but they also love to please their owners. With a little time, effort, and proper technique anyone can train a bulldog.

Breeding- Bulldogs can be difficult to breed, which relates to the high prices of puppies. They must be artificially inseminated, and frozen semen can cost $100-$500 or maybe even more depending on the quality of the stud. Also, puppies are born through c-section because of the puppies large heads. Only experienced bulldog owners should consider breeding. For the health of the animal it is always best to get your dog spayed or neutered.