7 Jul 2014

Advertisement for Bids, Industrial Access Road – Phase III

THRASHER PROJECT #101-030-2512

PRE-BID:  Thursday, July 17, 2014 at 10:00 AM at the Fayette County Urban Renewal Authority, Resource Coordinator’s Office, located on the Third floor of the

Fayette County Courthouse, at 100 North Church Street, Fayetteville, WV  25840

BID OPENING:  Thursday, July 24, 2014 at 2:00 PM at the Fayette County Urban Renewal Authority, Resource Coordinator’s Office, located on the Third floor of the Fayette County Courthouse, at 100 North Church Street, Fayetteville, WV  25840

Complete information can be found at and click here for full AFB

7 Jan 2014

SPECIAL NOTICE – RFP for remaining residential acres in WCP

The Fayette County Urban Renewal Authority is accepting bids and proposals from residential property developers on approximately 200 acres within the Wolf Creek Park “Live, Learn, Work and Play Community,” located between Oak Hill and Fayetteville at the Appalachian Drive exit of U.S. Route 19. Those interested in purchasing and developing the residential property must provide a price per acre they are willing to pay and their residential development plans for the property.

Bids and Proposals must include the following elements in order to be considered:
•    Price per acre bids on all or parts of the delineated parcels in the project packet. Requirements are outlined in bidder packages which will be made available to all serious bidders.
•    Timetables for development of the parcels.
•    Proposed development layouts which include planned structures, roadways, infrastructure corridors, and rights-of-way for the Urban Renewal Authority or its assigns for the purpose of extending infrastructure and roads.
•    Proposed development densities.
•    Qualifications, past experience and references to verify the ability of the developer to perform.

Bids and Proposals will be accepted until April 1, 2014. The Fayette County Urban Renewal Authority reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids and proposals.

Bidders are responsible for contacting the City of Oak Hill in regard to subdivision regulations and building code fees so the bidder can calculate the costs into the bid offer.

The 200 acres are designated as parcels R-2, R-3, R-4, R-5, R-6, R-7, R-8 and R-9 (see the Residential Sites map linked below).
Information can be downloaded here:


Request-for-Bids-and-Proposals_WCP-residential  BIDDING PERIOD EXPIRED

13-11-27_WCP_Residential-Sites-map  BIDDING PERIOD EXPIRED



23 Mar 2013

Fayette Commission to spend coal severance funds on park infrastructure

By C.V. Moore Register-Herald Reporter

FAYETTEVILLE — The Fayette County Commission has chosen to spend all redistributed coal severance funds for the next four years on infrastructure expansion at Wolf Creek Park, the county’s 1,000-acre mixed-use commercial and residential development.

Roads, utilities and shell buildings will be built in the commercial section, as funds permit, under the direction of the Fayette County Urban Renewal Authority and the Fayette County Building Commission.

Additional roadway will make accessible a 4.2-acre commercial building site beyond the recently-constructed 911 Center. More

developable acreage is available past that lot, if roadway and utility hookups can be extended.

Read the entire article online at by clicking here.

16 Jan 2013

Fiber Optic coming to Wolf Creek Park

Wolf Creek Park marketing director Rachel Davis has announced that the Fayette County Urban Renewal Authority and Frontier Communications have reached an agreement to install fiber optic cable into the 1,000-acre mixed use business development located between Oak Hill and Fayetteville.

“We are delighted that this service is coming to Wolf Creek Park. Fayette County and our development have always offered unique advantages for businesses and individuals and with the addition of fiber optic capabilities it provides one more feather in our cap. The Fayette County Commission displayed a great deal of forethought in their decision to build a new E-911 Center at Wolf Creek Park and it is this facility which tipped the scales for Frontier to extend this service,” Davis stated.

Wolf Creek Park was developed with funding from the West Virginia Economic Development Grant Committee, the U.S. Economic Development Administration, the West Virginia Department of Highways Industrial Access Road Program, the West Virginia Infrastructure and Jobs Development Council, the West Virginia Housing Development Fund, and the Fayette County Commission. The 1,000-acre parcel off of WV Route 16 combines light industrial pads, residential lots and an environmental learning center.

For additional information on Wolf Creek Park interested parties can contact Davis by phone 304-574-4320, or they can go to the development’s web site at

“Fiber optic service coming to Wolf Creek Park” Fayette Tribune 03 November 2011